6 Pillars of a

7-figure Recruitment Business.

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Mark Whitby - Founder of Recruitment Coach, Podcast Host

Leanne Sara Jones Hunt - Recruitment Coach

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Here are some of the key topics we will be covering in the webinar:

  • The 6 pillar roadmap of a successful 7-figure recruitment business
  • Automate, outsource and delegation of tasks - claw back your time working less not more
  • Importance of specialisation - clear branding and recyclability of candidates/more concentrated talent pool
  • Your core messaging - get the attention of your target audience/break through the noise
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation - tips, tricks and hacks to generate inbound leads
  • Reducing the time to fill a search - become more efficient across your recruiting process
  • Taking the leap from a contingent model to a retained model
  • How to become a trusted advisor - Increase your fees - without increasing your efforts 
Get Access to the Webinar Replay

Meet Your Coaches

Mark Whitby

Founder, Recruitment Coach

Mark founded Recruitment Coach in 2001 and has trained 10,000+ recruiters in 34 countries. He's helped countless recruiters to double or triple their billings, and business owners to 10x their company growth.

Having worked closely with hundreds of recruiting, staffing and search firms, Mark has a unique insight into how the fastest growing and most profitable recruitment companies operate.

As the host of The Resilient Recruiter podcast, Mark has his finger on the pulse of what's happening in recruitment. He teaches a blend of classic "old-school" techniques with new, innovative strategies leveraging the latest tools/technology.

Leanne Sara Jones Hunt

Recruitment Coach

Leanne Sara Hunt Jones is our C.O.O and a Coach here at Recruitment Coach. Leanne has over 10 years of experience in recruitment. She started her career within Rec2Rec, and then progressed to set up her own agency which she ran for 5 years.

Her breadth of experience as a biller, leader, recruitment business owner and coach has given her a multifaceted and well-informed approach to working with other business owners in the space.

She decided that her passion was helping recruitment business owners to transform their businesses through accelerating their billings, improving their processes, and building confidence in their leadership skills. Leanne has extensive knowledge of digital marketing and knows Mark's training inside out.

She is our resident "Automation Queen" -- while running her recruitment firm, she automated 30-35% of her business, realizing significant savings in both time and money.

Here's What Our Members Have Achieved Since Joining Our Coaching Program.

Martin Handfield - Billed $134,000 in one month - that's more than I used to earn per year.

Alexis Alvarez - It's been a game-changer! I've gone from having no business development activities to 9-15 appointments / week.

Alex Beaty - Billed $315,000 in 9 Months (a 300% increase on last year) and on track for $400,000!

Nicole and Paul - From billing 200K in 2020, then 500K in 2021... they've exploded to $1m in Q1 of 2022.

Karen Lloyd - I have found my tribe!

More from our members...

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