How to Stay Relevant and Effective

Are you prepared for the massive changes that are forever altering the face of our industry? The trend towards automation and AI is just beginning. This technology is creating new threats -- and new opportunities -- for recruiters.  

When I interviewed Greg Savage recently for my podcast, he shared his insights on the future of the recruitment industry and how we recruiters must evolve in order to stay relevant.  

This 29-page PDF is the complete, word-for-word transcript of our conversation. Click the "send me the free transcript" button now!


"The recruitment industry is not dying, but recruiters will be replaced if they don’t develop the skills that have value to our customer. There are many things that recruiters are doing that are completely without value and can be done better by machines."

- Greg Savage, Author of The Savage Truth

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The 4 things that recruiters spend lots of time on that machines can already do better than us!
  • What recruiters should STOP doing immediately - and what they should be focusing on instead
  • The specific skills needed by agency recruiters to stay relevant to clients and candidates in the future  
  • The definition of "sophisticated selling" according to Greg and why this forgotten skill is crucial to our survival in a world powered by automation and AI 
  • Practical tips on "social selling" - plus one of the biggest social selling mistakes to avoid

With a career spanning 40 years, Greg Savage is a trusted and respected voice across the global recruitment industry. He's the founder of 4 highly successful businesses, and sits on the board of 14 recruitment and technology companies. Greg was names by LinkedIn as one of their "Top Voices" and has over 300,000 followers on the platform.